The Early Years Edit

Once upon a time...

Not much is known about those years so long ago. It's said only the oldest of Elves can remember the time before the first apocalypse, and much of the rumours passed down are said to be just that.

It is said that once, all races were much alike. Though the tone of skin ranged like the fur on a cat, they all walked furless, upright, and with the simplest of appendages. Short-lived, weak, they were a race more adapted to knowledge and invention, striving for the next best creation.

What happened to end this time of innovation is unknown.

The First Apocalypse Edit

Darkness and blood.

A great blast, a shroud of darkness, screaming, chaos and fear. Men turned on men, the flames raged through their veins. Nobody really knows what happened or why, only that one day the world collapsed, and from its ashes rose the first of the new races: The Elves.

Many of the Ancient races were what populated those first years of that new existence. And soon, with their differences, fighting erupted. Blood Drinkers, with their insatiable hunger, were the first to strike, though it's rumoured among the red-eyes that Pixies were involved.

Whatever happened, it was Soothsayers and Sirens, one of the youngest races, that suffered the most. With their gentle lulling appearances, it was said their blood was like a poison to a Blood Drinkers mind, sending them into a blind hunger-induced rage. The powerful race fought on, nearly wiping the other two out.

Eventually, seeing the threat, the races banded together to nearly wipe the Blood Drinkers out. Those few that remained fled to shadows, only beginning to show again in the occasional burst.

In the uneasy peace that followed, other races began to show. It was the Reapers that followed, as spirits fell into a collection and sought out the other intelligent races with caution. Fascination, for a while, kept them at ease.

Then the Beasts came. Mindless, Non-Fleshy's first, but curiosity won out over violence, as Elves still scarred with memories of war instead offered to teach this new race. Through mixtures of blood, it is said Fleshy's and Shifters soon followed.

This was not entirely a time of peace. Many Beasts of different types often grew into heated disagreement with one another, dragging in the Soothsayers, Sirens, and Pixies. Even the Elves were, on occasion, swayed to one cause or another, and it became the task of Reapers to end bloodshed most often than not.

As alliances grew strained, Blood Drinkers began to show their faces once again. The world seemed nearly at its breaking point, nearly at the edge of an all-out war.

Then, the Second Apocolypse happened.

The Second Apocolypse Edit

Warnings forgotten spells disaster

Fifteen years prior to modern day, the races of the world lay on the edge of war. Blood Drinkers feuded with Elves and Pixies, Beasts warred among each other. Reapers sought to keep the peace, but their efforts were taken as haughty and controlling and were met with a violent rebellion.

Then, out of nowhere, the world collapsed. Plantlife began to die out, spreading with darkness from the north. Where the darkness touched, death followed, only scraps of rumours reaching the ears of the Reapers. Nothing seemed to survive what was coming, not even lingering souls.

It was a struggle for the warning to be spread and believed. For awhile it was shrugged off with accusation, but as more and more of the world began to die, some of the others listened. Those that did sought shelter in an old cavern system, gathering with the words of Carmilla, the Reaper Queen.

The day the darkness reached them, a gathering of Reapers had stayed behind in an effort to convince some of the more stubborn to come, but their efforts proved in vain. The two leaders of the Reapers were lost in the flood of shadows, alongside many of the other leaders of that time.

Those that fled to the tunnels remained there for years. The insect population was high and safe, and even a pond of fish seemed to remain full enough to stay fed on. Time passed, and they remained. New leaders were chosen after the first year, becoming known as 'The Cabinet', and working together to avoid the woes of their past transgressions.

For the first few years, scouts were sent both upwards and deeper in, with hopes of returning to the surface or expanding downwards. Yet, as none returned, soon hope was given up on either option. Population crept along, monitored closely with the wary knowledge that resources had limits.

It was a small band of youths that eventually grew brave enough to try again. As they traversed to the upper levels, they found a lush flat land full of rivers safe to explore, and so the rest of the population followed. With care, a new home was built on the surface, and after some deliberation the caverns were remodleled for use as storage, waste removal, and homes.

Modern Day Edit

These days...

Today, the city of Illrique is home to the known races, where they live and thrive with care, cautious of past mistakes. Still, as years go by, the Cabinets rule about venturing outside their city has become a thing of annoyance, and many grow tired of the forced togetherness.

One day, perhaps you too will venture out, and discover what remains of the world. Or perhaps you'll stake your own claim, with a gathering of like minded folk to build a home of your own?

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