City Summary Edit

The town that remains.

It is said the town of Illrique has a certain vibrancy to it that cannot be compared. Standing as a symbol of unity, the town's construction began about seven years after the Second Apocolypse, and though it was said to finish a few years later, construction and expansion continue to this day.

The complex maze of canals is filled with crammed together homes and lush, almost unnaturally green grass. A multitude of plants grow and weave themselves into the heart of the town and its thin waterways, giving the place a medieval villa feel, with a touch of Venice.

Simple sewer systems cart much of the waste away, to the depths of tunnels underground. The cavern system beneath acts in three levels. The upper level begins away from the main path, near the Cabinet's Mansion. In there, supplies are stored, always in preparation for a third Apocolypse, or under the payment of others for the safe storage of important goods.

The second level is more public, much like a second, older city. Once the hiding place during the second apocalypse, it's now renovated to house those races more at ease in the darker location, such as some Beast races, Blood Drinkers, Reapers, and so on.

The third and below are levels blocked off, as they end in steep, unaccessible caverns. Due to a large number of deaths and missing cases to these cave systems, the lower levels are deemed off-limits and act as waste disposal.

Above ground, the town flourishes, though there is said to be a small, run-down shack that nobody can access to the south of the city, nicknamed "Shaddy's Shack" for the rumours that a strange old man with unusual powers and rare trinkets owns it.

The Cabinet Edit

The force of order against chaos

The Cabinet is the collection of leaders that have come to pass since the beginning of the Second Apocolypse. In the dark times spent below ground, each race brought forth leaders to guide them, and in order to keep the peace during such chaos, this collection of leaders became known as 'The Cabinet'.

Together, they govern what remains, managing all decisions in the best interests of their people. Arguments are few, and solved as peacefully as possible, for though the ties are fragile, all are aware of how small and easily snuffed their existence is.

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